Go Green, a new idea and a smart solution

The Quickly Clean Glove is a healthy and eco-friendly product on many levels. Many VOC products are dangerous to humans and cause harm to the environment. They have compounded long term health effects. Exposure can occur from breathing vapors, drinking and through the skin. The Glove requiring no chemicals is the alternative to VOC products being removed from the market.

The Quickly Clean Glove is child safe to use and store in the home. An important fact because 90% of all children’s poisoning happens in the home.

Many products currently in use are labeled “avoid contact with your skin”. Rather than having body absorbing chemicals that can dry the skin, the Quickly Clean glove helps to rejuvenate your hands.

It is reusable and economical. Use it, rinse it, dry it and use it again. Our tested samples have lasted over 6 months of continual use and still perform. It saves the pocket book as well as the environment.

About Us

Quickly Clean is a division of Fresh Pack LCC, which has been in business in California since 1997. Fresh Pack is one of the largest shippers and brokers of fresh cut flowers in the United States. more ...