The Quickly Clean Glove was developed as a helpful clean up tool.

  • Cleans dried latex paint, oil based paint, spray paint, grease, and most glues and caulks from your hands with just water.
  • Reusable, rise glove and let it dry.  Easy to store and can be used for months.
  • Economical, not only is the Quickly Clean Glove reusable, it eliminates the need for costly chemicals or cleaners.
  • Green, because you only clean with water or mild soap and water.  No chemicals needed means no pollution.
  • Safe No poisons or harmful chemicals for children or adults.
  • Unique, there is no other product on the market that can do what the Quickly Clean Glove can do.
  • Possibilities for its use are endless.  It also cleans paint rollers and brushes.  It can clean golf clubs, tile or stainless steel.

About Us

Quickly Clean is a division of Fresh Pack LCC, which has been in business in California since 1997. Fresh Pack is one of the largest shippers and brokers of fresh cut flowers in the United States. more ...