Introducing - Veggie Gloves!

The food safe Quickly Clean Veggie Glove is the latest product of the Quickly Clean Glove Company. Because the glove fits on your hand it is easy to use to clean just about any fruits and vegetables that need a scrubbing. It is reusable and can be put in the dishwasher to be ready for your next job. It is perfect for clip racks around the store. The glove is covered by two patents for its method of construction and application as an abrasive cleaning glove.

The original Quickly Clean Glove can be found in the hardware stores nationwide such as Home Depot, Do It Best, Ace and True Value. Our goal to expand the distribution of the glove into supermarkets and specialty retailers. Besides the new Quickly Clean Veggie Glove we have available a 3 pack of different color gloves for use in the bath, kitchen, and garage. We can offer FOB pricing, shipping lead times from Taiwan and China. We are ready when you are. We would be happy to send samples and meet in person for a demonstration.

Quickly Clean Glove Cleans Paints, Caulks, Adhesives, Grease and Grime From Your Hands With Just Water

At the National Hardware Show®, the Quickly Clean Glove received the "Retailers" Choice Award". The National Hardware Show® is recognized as the best place for retailers to see the latest products and find the items they need to keep customers coming through their doors.

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Indispensable For All Painters, Mechanics, Hobbyists, and Anyone Who Dirties Their Hands

Go Green, A New Idea and a Smart Solution.

The Quickly Clean Glove is a healthy and eco-friendly product on many levels. The glove is child safe to use and store in the home. It is reusable and economical. Learn more...

What’s Good for Your Hands Can be Good for Many Things

The Quickly Clean Glove is child safe to keep, use, and store in the home. It has been tested extensively and after six month has shown no breakdown or deterioration. We have manufactured the Quick Clean Glove to our exact specifications using materials and knitting techniques developed to allow the glove's surface to efficiently clean your hands.

Quickly Clean Wants To Be Your Partner

The Quickly Clean Glove is original and has no competition. It outperforms all other products that clean hands. The Quickly Clean Glove will sell anywhere in your stores making an excellent impulse purchase for register or end cap locations.

A Patented Solution.

The Quickly Clean Glove unique method of weave and application as a cleaning glove is covered by two patents from The US Patent Office. There is no other product like it in the world.

The Quickly Clean Glove is durable, reusable and economical. It replaces solvents, cleaners and scouring pads. The Quickly Clean Glove is indispensable for painters, mechanics, hobbyists, and anyone who dirties their hands. It is good for a variety of cleanups, including paint brushes, paint trays, sinks, and cars. Keep an extra glove in your garage, kitchen, laundry room, car or truck.

About Us

Quickly Clean is a division of Fresh Pack LCC, which has been in business in California since 1997. Fresh Pack is one of the largest shippers and brokers of fresh cut flowers in the United States. more ...